Friday, June 17, 2011

Aiskrim Cengkerik satooo?? really?

Customer : New Cicada flavour ice-cream? (reading the menu)
Ice-cream seller :  Yerp..
Customer : (looking at the ice-cream) It is really made from cicada?
Ice-cream seller : Yerp.
Customer : Really?
Ice cream seller : Yerp
Customer : please


untuk yang xtau ape tu cicada.. gini ler rupenyer

nak di jadikan cerita.. Real stowi yer..  Satu kedai aiskrim kat Colombia ni mencipta satu flavour ice-cream baru iaitu- CICADA FLAVOUR ICE- CREAM @ bahasa melayunya - Aiskrem perisa cengkerik.. lalalalalala -_-"
upe aiskrim nyer : ewwwwwwwww

Okey kidding.. aiskrimnyer takde ler rupe cam di atas.. orang fear factor jer yang brani makan kaloo gitu upenyer.. actually, cicada tu dowang rebus, hancurkan, celup dalam cokelat n brown sugar dan masuk dalam aiskrim.. gini ler upenyer


" You not biting the whole cicada once, u biting bits of it.. "
and they said it taste like nuts?? err... ( nexx lebih sanggup makan kacang dari cengkerik nih.. uhukhuk)

Yang paling mengejutkan dalam masa 30minit jer, sold out okeies...gulp~

Malas nak cite panjang- check this out y'self :P 

sumber google news ^^

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My collection of haunted pictures

haunted building -alienated in the city

abandon field- where at midnight u can hear footsteps of the dead

wicked tree- hidden thousands of stories you will regret to know

~Home Sweet Home~

Peace for environment

when looking outside the window

Oh key EL- bandar pembangunan.

flats - thou' it small yet it serene

parking lot provided for busy people

good time o' wild  old tree

kids.. play here! Come! Play safe, do fun!

beautiful playground look promising for couple to start here

Looking back i think my home is not too bad.. thou it just a small flats yet it do have hidden beauty.. behind the eye of camera - the beauty is  revealed.. no wonder my dad wants to keep the house her (^-^)



My First Flat Lay - Adlina Store

Hai, ni first try buat flatlay.. memang amateur lagi sangat! hahah! Background tak de so pakai je karpet rumah yang ada huhuhu. B...