Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mee goreng mamak

It's so strange when we had to pay for something that we can make at house for free. When I went to mamak stall/ restaurant, I don't know why I like to order their mee goreng mamak. It's simple and easy food made and the price is in range of RM3-RM4. ( I bet, the price will increase years later).

I remember my favorite mamak stall nearby my house. It was behind a Petronas station.  My father used to brought me there during school holiday. At that time, I was in my first year high school at Negeri Sembilan  and stayed in dormitory. Once awhile, when it was school holiday, and when I came home, my father would take me there. Just the two of us (  I was my father's favorite daughter :)).

It was my first time tasted a mee goreng mamak. I remember my father asked me if it was delicious and I keep saying yes, nodding happily . He watched me finished one whole big plate, with smile on his face. I think he was happy and sastified to see his daughter eat - I was very thin at that time. The stall is no longer exist.

Today, I made myself mee goreng mamak. Personally , I think it was good.

My mee goreng mamak with my memory

Friday, February 22, 2013

That gaze

I'm looking through the window. My gaze fall upon the sky where birds are flying high then slowly I looked down to the human below. deep down, i was thinking, listening or maybe trying to sleep in this peaceful moment...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Face Naked

Ok, these selca was taken when I was drinking miracle tab for 2 months. Honestly, there is no changes..

So matured with the specs.. I look different,  intellectual like a librarian.. kuikuikui..

Without spec, and smile like this- I look younger , guess my age. 

Ni muke mintak penumbuk hehhehe

Trying to look cute -fail! :P

normal with smile that not really there. so kekokes.. 

I always face naked- no touch up, no make up, no photoshop.... I'm proud to be me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Voting time!

Received this postcard.

That's means the voting season is so near the corner.  I can now vote! I am a voter!  Aren't you?Hmm..  who should I vote ?I'm so excited. *giggling

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Innershine lah dulu!

Remember last time when I said I want to quit using the MIRACLE TAB that are not miracle? Well, I did and now I drink innershine for inner vitamin and beauty. (According to the writing on the box). Anyway, I have started drink innershine prune early this month and by the end of this month, it will becomes a month already.

My Innershine
At first, I don't actually like the taste. It's so sugary and concentrated. My throat feel funny and coarse when I drank it first time, but later on, after some times, I got used to it. 

After unpacked

My routine (advised by my sis)- I drink it a bottle per day, before sleeps. It have different ml quantity sold in the market. The cheapest one is RM 24+  for 6 bottles of xml- Sorry, i don't remember. In the market, there are 24ml, 42ml and the latest one is 70ml for 12 bottles; price RM 69.80.  

When I bought the 70ml, usually I drink a bottle for 2 days. Half-half. But remember, once open, you have to finish drink it within 24hours. There are also innershine berry that are good for eyes. Well, I don't have enough budget to drink both, so I chose innershine prune-target for skin hehehe...

 Ok, my testimonial, the unexpected things happened to me is when my colleague , complimented me. It happened right when I finished work last two days.Well, I had to walk pass first floor before get to the main door for exit. - My office is on second floor. So, at that time it was late in the evening. Not so many people left in the office, so when I pass the first floor, once of my colleague who still there - this akak, she was at that time talking with another colleague when she suddenly stopped, stared at me, called me and said this:

" Syira! Akak nampak syira cam cerah lah .." 

Hehe..I'm so proud to hear that. Does this means, this product is so good? So effective. So it showing the shine result even only just a week? Wow.. I'm impress. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

High 5 Roti / High5 Bread

After my childish effort of running away, my money are in a critical place. It's  running low, and i have 2 more WEEKS to survive. The feeling of regret is engulfing me right now. Sigh~~

Anyway, today for lunch,  I manage to only grab/bought two bread to fill my empty stomach. Total price are RM1.80, RM 0.90 each. Before, I think the price is RM 0.60~RM 0.50. Is the price market increase nowdays? If i do have money, I may not care, but since I'm in no condition of happily spending money, i do think it's pricey! :P

The total of my calories intake for lunch is 300Kcal. That I believe is OK. For morning, I ate small nasi lemak with around 300-400Kcal. So total for today is  600 Kcal. My ideal calories intake for a day suppose to be 1200Kcal, so I have another more 600Kcal to be filled. Ok, enough of the calories lesson. 

Now I'm going to show my lunch. It's nothing actually, but if one day or 100 more years later when the bread are no longer in the market, I or my kids or my grandchild  or my great great great grandchild ;  they  can read my blog back, and learn back the historic nostalgia about our life in year 2013. Heh, way to the future my thoughts are lah (kunun-kunun nye).. ces!

Ikan Bilis High5 Bread - halal  from Jakim Malaysia (although got  pepper pic on the cover, it was not spicy at all)

Sardine High5 Bread - please note the no trans-fat  hehehe

The packaging are so colorful and attractive. Bread face with punk hair- CUTE!. Kids will love it, totally!. Wait... since i love it too.. does that means, I am a kid too? Yeah, kid in the heart ^^.

Anyhow, there are many flavors, e.g custard, pandan, tuna.. but I prefer these two flavors- sardine and sambal ikan bilis/anchovy spicy. The taste are like what these flavor are-real deal!.There really exist the anchovy  inside it.. so it's not a 'cream taste alike 'Except... it least fresh. You know... it doesn't taste fresh like sardine in the can or  that sambal that you cooked at home. But if you hungry and on the run, who cares...

One best thing is, the bread is so soft........... I love the bread texture, the best! It is more softer than Gardenia bread. So gebuuuuuuu... hahaha...

Ok, my marks are :

Price: RM 0.90 -oklah
Rate: 6/10
Re-purchase : Yes

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bubur ayam orang demam

Today, Adik mok requested me to make him chicken porridge like mcD. He was not sick but this dish is one of his favorite. Usually, I was lazy to cook it because it takes hours for rice to turn porridge, but since he was personally requested and begged me from early in the morning, as a sister, my heart melted.

Simple chicken porridge

It does not look fancy hehehe..  Well, I don't have decorative ingredients, so I  just used the basic ingredients. But don't be fooled by the look, it was delicious. Adik mok waited for 2 half hours for this, and his waiting was paid off. Still hot, he excitedly ate it, and gave me thumbs up. Later on, he ate another 3 bowls of this.

I am proud as his sister.
Link to the recipe:

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