Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good bye Zuma..

I got lots of plans for us.. Yes, I do... But god love you more, I lost you forever...but i know you are in heaven right now.. I will miss you forever.. I'm sorry for being to late for you....

I wish those people who are responsible for your death, may they rotted in hell and suffer.

Ya, allah berikanlah pembalasan setimpalnya pada mereka yang mendera binatang kesayangan Rasullah  ini.. Amin.. ~

This will be my last entry for cats rules...

Goodbye Zuma... I will always miss you.. thanks for being with me for this long... May you happy up there in heaven.. amin..~

Ayam cola

Want to try this resepi for quite long time, and at last I succeeded to make it. Presenting - AYAM COLA

Ayam cola

My experience- I don't think this dish is suitable to eat with rice contrast to what written in the recipe. For me, it taste like ayam kfc without its crunchy skin. The meat itself taste sweet almost like kfc. So it much more suitable to eat this cola chicken (ayam cola) by itself with some chilli sauce and mayonnaise. 

But if you want to experiment it, please go ahead. Below is the link to the recipe. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lazy bum bum...

Two weeks no work out, I have become a lazy bum bum.. ! Need motivation to take out my feet, and lazy bum, to jog next week. Must be determined! Avoid all circumstances! Setting my mind! Come On!! You do not want to gain weight back, so take your lazy bum out of laziness hokey!!

- my determination for today.. 

Kemeriahan majlis bersanding hari itu. (part akhir)

Ni adalah sebahagian rakan-rakan, ahli keluarga semasa majlis bersanding 14.3.2015. Terima kasih semua!! . #majorthrowback rakan USM ...