Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cousin Solemnization & Book Hunting

It was a past activities. My full packed day.

Morning, ready to go to my cousin house for her  solemnization day.
Pardon the green background that made this picture ghastly looking.

Her beautiful and simple pelamin

Some of hantaran to the man side
All the decoration handmade by her and decorated by herself.
I also will do myself if one day i get married-  jimat and simple

I really dont know how to beautifully pose.
this pose make me look like makcik and fat.. 

peace is the trademark...
Please mind the messy of  my scarf, I'm so busy on that day..

The bride of the day..-  my cousin diamond
shine like a diamond..  (suddenly singing rihanna's song) 

After the solemnization event which finished around 4pm-5pm, I went to book hunting with friend. I was very excited on that day (regardless of the havoc and tired I was ) because it was my first time went to BigBad Wolf Book Sales. yeay!!

All Book RM 5 each

Took picture as proof kekkeke..
I changed my baju kurung to baju runaway
( remove the kain kurung  ganti with trouser..  quick outfit change hehe)


Tada, my books bought on that day.. 
three is enough for me.. 
(I'm not a dedicated reader)

As per today, I have done read 2 of this book
chalk line and set up..
so, can tick my wish list
* read at least one book *


Monday, April 8, 2013

Trap question

" I'm going back to kampung this weekend." one day, D'man said.
" Hokey.."
" Do you want to come back together and meet my parents?"

(Me sweating all over.. speechless.. mati kutu.. OMG! )

" It's okey if you don't want to..."
( I don't know what to say! again OMG! What to do! What to do...!)

" So do you want to?"
( Aahhh... !!! I just can't decide! Why, why I can't answer this, ishh come on!!  ..) 

" Ok, I understand, you're not ready..." D'man smile with no hard feelings. He smiles. I love to see his smile.

" I love you..." answered me.
" I love you too.."

 Ok, these conversation repeats time after time later. When can I said I want to? When can I know I'm ready? When I can be brave ?!  I want to say yes i want to, one day!soon..B

ut one thing right now I'm want to, I'm ready and I brave is to say..

" I love you, D'man"  

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