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My Ayam expertise dish

You know that my brothers prefer chicken dish than fish, meat and vegetables. Chicken is a main course in our lunch and dinner. Everything is ayam ayam ayam.. So, I'm proud to present my expertise chicken dish , that I expert to cook, I can 'campak-campak' jer and trang trang.. siap! And of course delicious hahaha...

For me, there are two type of ayam masak kicap. One is as above, ayam masak kicap berempah and second is ayam masak kicap simple. The simple one have more onions and taste sweeter hehe.. If I in a lazy mode and less time, I prefer ayam masak kicap simple.. (^.^)

For Ayam masak merah, I have three version.

Ayam masak merah with santan (Mak endeh version)- I called it tradisional because everything is handmade from its paste to everything.. Ayam masak merah without santan ( Sos tomato+ sos cili)- modern Ayam masak merah wangi (mix of no 1 & 2)
My favourite is of course no1.  Like people say, the old recipe is the best! hehehe... ok, chow.
P/s : All pics take…

Love is being '.......... ' together

 I -->
When a girlfriend bought her boyfriend, shirts as a gift. Their relationship will end (break up) soon. 
D'man -->
When a couple (not married) always take a lot of couple pictures together, the relationship never end with marriage.
That is why he never gets any clothes gift from me, and I never have a couple picture with him..

Weicu : Weird+cute