Friday, October 18, 2013

1 kg , 2 bulan

Semalam dah timbang berat badan setelah start diet lepas raya 18 August -17 October . Dah 2 bulan dan perubahannya... haha dah turun 1 kg(ui, sikitnye hehehe). Sekarang ni berat badanku adalah 49 kg. Ishh... masih jauh lagi nak achieve target ni. Tapi takpe, takboleh give up... Another 2 months lagi nak timbang lagi berat. Target 48 kg pulak dalam 2 bulan ni.. Gambate!!!

Don't hide

" Don't hide anything from me. " 

This is the MOST IMPORTANT rules in relationship.. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Birthday wish


grab the phone and called D'man

" Hello"
" Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you! (singing)" 
" Thank you!"
" So am I the first person to wish you happy birthday? Am I.. am I? hehehe..." 
" You the 10th!"
" whaaat!! "

"hahaha... i love you.."  

~*and i fall in love again with your teasing and laugh...*~

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love Being Single: No 3- Shopping Spree!!

It's end of the year and christmas coming soon + new year+chinese new year.. Wow! End year sales! Lots and lots and lots of sales! Being single I can buy anything i want without limit and fill my already full closet hahahaha.. !! Aren't you jealous?

 Do you know shopping can release your stress? I do and i love it! hehe... 

My First Flat Lay - Adlina Store

Hai, ni first try buat flatlay.. memang amateur lagi sangat! hahah! Background tak de so pakai je karpet rumah yang ada huhuhu. B...