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Love Being Single: No 6 - Freedom

Freedom.. yeah.. that's it!being single give you the free permission to do anything, without anyone consent/ asked anyone approval.. can go for a long vacation, partying, spend nite outside etc.. whatever in the world u want to do. It is seriously a full package of fun life.. who dont want this? A free spirit!

Love Being Single: No 5 - Being Selfish

When you are married or have someone special, unconsciously you will make him/her your priority, your first , yeah blame it on l.o.v.e. every decision you have you will think them first.. e.g, buying new clothes is not important as buying grocery, going to spa is not important as bring your family/ spouse/kids/partner to vacation. Responsible come first, and most of the time you wont care about yourself anymore like the old you..

Being single let you be selfish., satisfy your own needs and yourself where you can go to spa, went shopping, movies, without feel guilty.. or responsible. Just be a selfish brats you want to be..

shopping di nile

First time beli di sini aku beli benda yang boleh dikatakan merapu hehehe...
Bungkusan ni sampai di opis dalam rupa gini. Perkhidmatan nile ni pantas gile.. aku order hari ni, esok trus dapat.. gila cepatkan... 
Barang 1- Duster kereta, pas ni senang le aku nak sapu bumbumg kete, xperlu jengket-jengket lagi.
barang 2 - payung, musim hujan kan sekarang, so apa lagi.. kene ad satu letak dalam beg.
barang 3- massage japanese equipment. yang kuning itu untuk leher, yang pink untuk body.. Haha, ok ni sgt melalut =.=
total semua 46.90 jew...seronok beli di sini.. nak beli lagilah

weekend story

Holla... Weekend ni lepak di rumah my sister and of course with lil malik..  he is now almost 6 months .. introducing...  ok.. next activity of course lepaking di swimming pool..  musim ujan pun sempat nak mandi . Dan since slalu ujan, kne le mandi seawal bole.. 
Before when home, we the harun's daughters made bihun n mee soup requested by her hubby... First try but so nyummy. Bley ler buka kedai makan satu cewwahhhh.. . pass ni nak request lasagna satu miahahaha....

Okey.. itu saja weekend ni.. really enjoying the sleep over with my sis.. kalo ler every week cmnie memang terbaik.. tapi apa la daya umah sis jauh le sgt.. huhu.. kalo blakang umah kan sng hahaha.. ok chiow!
P/s: i love rain (bi).. shhhh...

what's cooking today..

Two dishes for today. My favorite cendawan goreng, now i have found the perfect recipe for it.. kompom sedap.. bestnye hehehe the quest has now have reached its end hehehe...
Also the ayam paprik.. it easy and my first time cook it.. taste okey.. yeay😉hehe

Ok.. thats all.. hope that i can cook next week too..and of course every month, just like what my wishlist for this year.. caiyok!!

Detox drink

Misi menjadi kurus masih lagi gagal, exercise entah ke mana, melantak pun xigt.. jadi today i make myself a detox drink.. its for one jug,1l, which is enough for few days..
The preparation is easy.. campak je semua bahannya..

Lemon 1 biji
Timun 1 biji
Halia 3 inci
Daun pudina 12 daun

Hiris semua, masuk dalam jug air, simpan peti ais,tinggalkan semalaman, kemudian boleh diminum setiap hari.

Mengawal berat badan, kuruskan badan, ringankan badan, detox  badan..

My detox drink.. Simple jew... 

Inspirasi Baju nikah

Some of baju kurung/ dress which i think suitable for nikah attire. 

For nikah, I  prefer a simple yet modest baju kurung or dress, and of course white/cream in colour.. it's pure, and the only colour that guests won't ever wear when attending any solemnization day.  so bride will be so special in white/cream attire.. ( no worry of probability of being same colour with other guest) 

love for long black cardigan

Bought it so many years ago, yet still my favourite clothes/item in mix and match. Why?? Because it hides all my flaws.. i means my body flaws,which u know how pear shaped body is.. and add with petite aka short , its a complete set of challenging play dress up ever!!

What clothes that wont make me look short? What clothes that wont make me look fat? What clothes that wont make people notice my heavy below body? What clothes that wont stuck / too tight at my buttom? All these are the questions that lingers everytime i want to choose outfit for today..( there are also some other addition question e.g what color match my skin tone,.. etc: i wont talk about this yet)

Behold the answer for all. My black long cardigan.. it loose, it long but not too much and its colour match every color i want to wear..

I add a butterfly necklace to give s plain pink tshirt a bit of style and mix match brown.. 

2pdress! for attend wedding.

Always find lady often wear dress than baju kurung when attend majlis kahwin.. most design is like dress in poplook.. its sweet n feminin. However, as i am a short ( less than 150cm) lady,its a challenge to find dress that suit me.. so i never wear dress to wedding although it is a hype nowdays.. 
But, one day i had to find new baju to wear to my bff wedding. It was end of month, my salary not bank in yet.. and most baju kurung that my taste, is above 100, thus went i to 'hunt' at times square.. there, a lot of dress collection available and believe me its cheaper than any dress online.. just it is in smaller size, but well since im that small size too, its like a shopping heaven for me..

Anyhow, since i buy in last minute ,i had to opt out dresses there since all of the dresses are too long.. and i had not enough time to alter it.
So.. i bought this instead. 2pdress actually its a skirt n blouse, which i mix match and found it suit each other, look modest enough to look like…

essential item woman must have.. a black dress

Trying to update blog using phone coz im so lazy to open my dear lappy.. yep, been so long i have not update my blogs.. so malas tahap dewa.

Oh ya, i bought myself a jubah like alike dress.. i think black dress is must essential item in every woman closet.. at least having one.. why?? Because it suitable for many ocassion formal and not. This is mine...

  Wore it for jamuan hari raya at office n after that directly went for dating.. miahahaha... 

Mydeal menipu??

Ok, seriously aku baru tahu.. sekarang tengah kecoh yang Mydeal menipu customer.Aku dapat tahupun dari fb "senarai penipu online(scammer)'" ramai yang mengadu website Mydeal tipu.

Kemudian masih xpercaya dan rasa cam maybe ni isu basi, aku pergi check sendiri fb mydeal, dan memang berdereeeeeeeeeeeeettt komen tidak puas hati pembeli  sebab barang tipulah, barang tak sampai-sampai. dan ini komen latest hokey... 

Ni sedeh.. order bulan april, resolve only bulan 7... huhuhuhu

lagi dan lagi...

Angry dan angry mob huhuhu

 Ada juga kes barang fake.. tapi aku dah tak larat nak copy paste lagi.. boleh check kat fb mydeal : Mydeal Fb  dan baca komen-komen di wall diorang.. Sangat banyak okey.. (harap-harap tak dibuang oleh mydeal lagi ler bt masa ni)
Pengalaman aku, aku pernah beli dua barang dari mydeal ni... digital blood pressure monitor beli March 2014 dan voucher Bluecoral KL tower beli Sept 2013 (bluecoral). Keduanya aku terima tanpa masalah . Barang sampai ontime dan ok.  …

What's cooking on 29th June 2014?

Haha.. lama gila aku tak masak. Last time aku masak adalah ketika bulan Feb 2014.. kira dah 4 bulan aku tak masuk dapur.. OMG! hehehe.. ni sume gara-gara kemalasan tahap dewa dah bertapa kat aku. Tuptup dah masuk bulan puasa dah.. Hi, sume.. selamat berpuasa. Hari ni first day puasa, anda sudah pi terawih lum? ^^ *

Hari ni juadah berbuka puasa sangat simple, tiada air manis pun. Sebabnya, hujan turun dengan lebat (alhamdulilah hujan di waktu el nino ni..) jadi takde sesiapa ke baazar ramadhan hari ini. Tapi takpe, dapur kan ada.. hehe..

Hari ini masa buat karipap banyak masalah aku hadapi, karipap aku dok terbukak jer time goreng.. dalam banyak-banyak sikit sahaja yang jadik.. stress juga aku.. camne ler nak jadi bini orang in a few more months ni... haishhh..

Looking for style identity

Looking for my own fashion signature/identity is quite challenging. I end up blur even though I've been doing my research, read tonnes of magazines, searching .. all of the stuff, but still end up 0. How am i supposed to look elegent, age appropriate and modest but not been told i dress up like makcik/ mak-mak orang?

Seriously that 'compliment ( I think) heard from my colleague is really leaving a scar in my heart. I end up really conscious on what i wear, while before this i just wear for my comfortable now i was afraid, thinking that  what i feel comfortable to is actually make me uglios.. I understood she did not mean it, but.. well, what has been said been heard and been noted.

Also i found out ( well before this not quite me acceptable of it) that i'm looking older day by day, not getting young i believe. Apparently my face is no longer baby-faced ( which i hope so- I always adore Jang Nara whom always look so baby faced although she is in her 30's). People around…

I'm a Makcik now!

Tired,tired, tired.. Today is the most tired day ever! Oh ya, my sis gave birth to baby boy today. So I'm a makcik now... wow, suddenly feel so old. Anyway, one whole day i was at Selayang hospital, accompanied my sister.. The traffic was so packed that i thought my legs going to tired although I have lots of ideas for novel berikan kujawapan, but don't have enough energy to write it. The dateline is so near! But this week i will be so busy... going back and forth to my sis's house at Selayang... it will be really-really hectic.

Well, nevermind... My nephew is so comel.. hidung mancung, look alike his father, name right now we call him Malek.. mimihihihi..I got lots of his pictures but my brother in law prevent me to expose it in fb, internet or anything until he is older enough.. ( I don;t know, maybe because he don't want 'bad eye' / critics/ bad words/jealousy from people outside the family.. you know how internet nowadays? (all the word lashes aro…

Horses in the park.

Went for jogging this weekend-Saturday and Sunday. Done my running for 1 and half circle and walking 1hr. Not bad for people like me who just start to exercise after quite a long 'hibernation' hehehe... Anyway, the park had changed a lot, new rail, new pathway ( i seriously got lost in one of the new pathway..huhuhu). On Saturday there more people than on Saturday although on Saturday, there is a wet market near the stadium. Also i found out there are lots of activities recently in the park.. i think the park has become quite famous around the neighborhood after all the upgrading and renovation. Like today, there is fishing tournament held in the park, so seriously it's a bit crowded. (that did not success to demotivate me huh!)

One of the things that fascinated me is sometimes around 9-10 am, there will be  a few policemen doing their rounds in the park while riding horses. Cool right? There are call 'police berkuda' (mounted police?). Usually there are 3 horses, …

Pakai cam mak-mak orang! ???

Hari ni feeling nak pakai baju cantik ke ofis. Siap gosok baju malam-malam excited punya pasal. Baju hijau, skirt hitam, matchkan dengan tudung hijau corak bunga-bunga.. Sopan nampak nice, okey ler nak ke opis jer.Skali masuk ofis, ofis mate tegur.. 'Syira, pakai cam mak-mak orang hari ni..."
wuhuhuhuuu...haru... (T.T)  Rupanya taste aku larikk bebenar dari age sebenar..balik kena selak-selak magazine fashion ler lepas ni..

Hantaran Tunang

Ini adalah kali pertama aku membuat hantaran tunang sendiri. Sebelum ini semasa kakak aku bertunang, dia tidak buat hantaran, masa nikah pun dia order orang untuk buat sahaja. So memang ini first experience.. so excited hahaha!

Untuk tema tunang aku adalah merah mak ngah .. fuuuuuu... merah seh.. merah gile! kekekeke... Untuk buat hantaran sendiri ini banyak aku rujuk internet berbulan-bulan before tunang ( Over tuhh haha...) untuk dapatkan idea. Taip sahaja DIY dulang hantaran berderet keluar..

Mula-mula ingin buat seperti gambar di atas, menggunakan polisterin sahaja sebagai dulang. Tetapi alhamdulilah bff  nak bagi pinjam dulang. Dia bawa semua dulang ini dari kemaman (kampungya) tempoh hari... ^^:. terima kasih banyak-banyak Ma cayang, muaahh mmuaah muuahhh ^^ *

Bila sudah guna dulang,  kerjapun menjadi mudah. Hanya perlukan kain alas dan bunga-bunga sahaja. Maka mencarilah aku di jalan TAR. Kain alas merah aku beli kain ela kat kedai kain, kain renda aku beli di kedai kat Semua h…