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D'man & me when I cook something new for him.. 

Blue clues

Sometimes I don't feel right when wearing blue clothes. coz when i look back at my pictures with blue clothes i look kusam gitu, kurang seri ...but i have kinda of lots collection of blue colour cardigan, shirt, tudung, dress. So nak tak nak sometimes got to wear it. D;man like me in blue clothes, he thinks that colour suit me but i sometimes disagree.

Currently, i always wear skirts when i go out or go to work. I don't know but i think it's because of the freedom I get when i wear dress / clothes that is flowing. I also love wear long cardigan, maybe because i'm trying to cover my back? and pear-shaped body? Anyhow the dress up above look feminin , sopan and yet hide my pear-shaped body and also my height. I don't look so short right?

Yep,i know i have to learn to do some alteration for my clothes. My skirts are all long, and i realise i do have a very short leg T.T,

Blue Tudung : old tudung since high school . Price not remember
blue flowery dress : Old dress si…