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Looking for style identity

Looking for my own fashion signature/identity is quite challenging. I end up blur even though I've been doing my research, read tonnes of magazines, searching .. all of the stuff, but still end up 0. How am i supposed to look elegent, age appropriate and modest but not been told i dress up like makcik/ mak-mak orang?

Seriously that 'compliment ( I think) heard from my colleague is really leaving a scar in my heart. I end up really conscious on what i wear, while before this i just wear for my comfortable now i was afraid, thinking that  what i feel comfortable to is actually make me uglios.. I understood she did not mean it, but.. well, what has been said been heard and been noted.

Also i found out ( well before this not quite me acceptable of it) that i'm looking older day by day, not getting young i believe. Apparently my face is no longer baby-faced ( which i hope so- I always adore Jang Nara whom always look so baby faced although she is in her 30's). People around…