Monday, May 5, 2014

Looking for style identity

Looking for my own fashion signature/identity is quite challenging. I end up blur even though I've been doing my research, read tonnes of magazines, searching .. all of the stuff, but still end up 0. How am i supposed to look elegent, age appropriate and modest but not been told i dress up like makcik/ mak-mak orang?

Seriously that 'compliment ( I think) heard from my colleague is really leaving a scar in my heart. I end up really conscious on what i wear, while before this i just wear for my comfortable now i was afraid, thinking that  what i feel comfortable to is actually make me uglios.. I understood she did not mean it, but.. well, what has been said been heard and been noted.

Also i found out ( well before this not quite me acceptable of it) that i'm looking older day by day, not getting young i believe. Apparently my face is no longer baby-faced ( which i hope so- I always adore Jang Nara whom always look so baby faced although she is in her 30's). People around me keep address me as "kakak" though sometimes  their look much more older than me.. but nah... i had to accept it, I already 28 this year.. 2 more years i'm going to be 30's.. so say goodbye to pink, pinkish,  cute stuff, anything that not suitable with my age, including my amateur fashion style.

Looking through my closet, there are not so many colors in it. It's full but i'm not satisfied with it. The clothes modest, plain and simple me.. nice but not elegant enough for women of late 20's. And looking back at my photos, nothing much but found out my fashion style.. it simple and plain, not too outrages, clothes and dress up nice for what i do, and went. Dont have dress coz im not someone who usually when for any event/party/dinner that require me to dress up in dress. (but i love dress okey! but not have many opportunity to buy and have one. is this my fashion style?

I also realize that i don't own many baju kurung. I got only a few pieces that i keep wear and rotating it for different kenduri kahwin. Before not a really fan for baju kurung but since i work in office, and now following online shops, there are lots of beautiful baju kurung which i really really fall in love with it. Also there are so many different style of baju kurung, like peplum, baju kurung kedah, kebaya, kebarung,baju kurung pesak etc.. wow, i really want all collection of it.

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