Monday, September 15, 2014

Detox drink

Misi menjadi kurus masih lagi gagal, exercise entah ke mana, melantak pun xigt.. jadi today i make myself a detox drink.. its for one jug,1l, which is enough for few days..
The preparation is easy.. campak je semua bahannya..

Lemon 1 biji
Timun 1 biji
Halia 3 inci
Daun pudina 12 daun

Hiris semua, masuk dalam jug air, simpan peti ais,tinggalkan semalaman, kemudian boleh diminum setiap hari.

Mengawal berat badan, kuruskan badan, ringankan badan, detox  badan..

My detox drink..
Simple jew... 

Inspirasi Baju nikah

Some of baju kurung/ dress which i think suitable for nikah attire. 

For nikah, I  prefer a simple yet modest baju kurung or dress, and of course white/cream in colour..
it's pure, and the only colour that guests won't ever wear when attending any solemnization day. 
so bride will be so special in white/cream attire..
( no worry of probability of being same colour with other guest) 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

love for long black cardigan

Bought it so many years ago, yet still my favourite clothes/item in mix and match. Why?? Because it hides all my flaws.. i means my body flaws,which u know how pear shaped body is.. and add with petite aka short , its a complete set of challenging play dress up ever!!

What clothes that wont make me look short? What clothes that wont make me look fat? What clothes that wont make people notice my heavy below body? What clothes that wont stuck / too tight at my buttom? All these are the questions that lingers everytime i want to choose outfit for today..( there are also some other addition question e.g what color match my skin tone,.. etc: i wont talk about this yet)

Behold the answer for all. My black long cardigan.. it loose, it long but not too much and its colour match every color i want to wear..

I add a butterfly necklace to give s plain pink tshirt a bit of style and mix match brown.. 

2pdress! for attend wedding.

Always find lady often wear dress than baju kurung when attend majlis kahwin.. most design is like dress in poplook.. its sweet n feminin. However, as i am a short ( less than 150cm) lady,its a challenge to find dress that suit me.. so i never wear dress to wedding although it is a hype nowdays.. 

But, one day i had to find new baju to wear to my bff wedding. It was end of month, my salary not bank in yet.. and most baju kurung that my taste, is above 100, thus went i to 'hunt' at times square.. there, a lot of dress collection available and believe me its cheaper than any dress online.. just it is in smaller size, but well since im that small size too, its like a shopping heaven for me..

Anyhow, since i buy in last minute ,i had to opt out dresses there since all of the dresses are too long.. and i had not enough time to alter it.
So.. i bought this instead. 2pdress actually its a skirt n blouse, which i mix match and found it suit each other, look modest enough to look like baju kurung n dress.. and the total price for this two pieces are only rm50.. yeay!!

Green mint dress

Off we go with d'man...
Soft make up for the long journey to kemaman hehe..

essential item woman must have.. a black dress

Trying to update blog using phone coz im so lazy to open my dear lappy.. yep, been so long i have not update my blogs.. so malas tahap dewa.

Oh ya, i bought myself a jubah like alike dress.. i think black dress is must essential item in every woman closet.. at least having one.. why?? Because it suitable for many ocassion formal and not. This is mine...

  Wore it for jamuan hari raya at office n after that directly went for dating.. miahahaha... 

Kemeriahan majlis bersanding hari itu. (part akhir)

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