Sunday, September 21, 2014

what's cooking today..

Two dishes for today. My favorite cendawan goreng, now i have found the perfect recipe for it.. kompom sedap.. bestnye hehehe the quest has now have reached its end hehehe...
Cendawan goreng.. i always feel that its taste similar to chicken

Also the ayam paprik.. it easy and my first time cook it.. taste okey.. yeay😉hehe

Paprik is d'man favourite.. he always ordered it when eat at kedai.. hehe.. now i can cook it , so no need for spend money outside.. ( angkat bakul sndiri le pulak hikhikhik)

Ok.. thats all.. hope that i can cook next week too..and of course every month, just like what my wishlist for this year.. caiyok!!

Kemeriahan majlis bersanding hari itu. (part akhir)

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