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Love Being Single: No 6 - Freedom

Freedom.. yeah.. that's it!being single give you the free permission to do anything, without anyone consent/ asked anyone approval.. can go for a long vacation, partying, spend nite outside etc.. whatever in the world u want to do. It is seriously a full package of fun life.. who dont want this? A free spirit!

Love Being Single: No 5 - Being Selfish

When you are married or have someone special, unconsciously you will make him/her your priority, your first , yeah blame it on l.o.v.e. every decision you have you will think them first.. e.g, buying new clothes is not important as buying grocery, going to spa is not important as bring your family/ spouse/kids/partner to vacation. Responsible come first, and most of the time you wont care about yourself anymore like the old you..

Being single let you be selfish., satisfy your own needs and yourself where you can go to spa, went shopping, movies, without feel guilty.. or responsible. Just be a selfish brats you want to be..