Friday, February 23, 2018

Kemeriahan majlis bersanding hari itu. (part akhir)

Ni adalah sebahagian rakan-rakan, ahli keluarga semasa majlis bersanding 14.3.2015.
Terima kasih semua!!

rakan USM -^^

my mom and her bff

Kmph geng- ^^

My mum and her dear friends

Yang banyak membantu - anggota rela- my mom friends

D'man big family.

My mom and dad. 
Pengapit both are our bff

My colleagues- ^^

My primary school mates- ^^

D'man big family and my new family. 

sepupu sepapat belah melaka-dad's

Pose ayu atas pentas. 

Sepupu sepapat belah Kedah- my mom's

My family -

Friday, December 29, 2017

Perhiasan Dewan

Perhiasan dewan ketika majlis bersanding aku adalah lengkap serba serbinya,
Tidak mewah, tidak gah, tetapi cukup lengkap, serba cantik dan berseri.
Kira lengkaplah seperti setiap pengantin mahukan. 

Kek. Oh my, sedap sangat kek ni.
Aku tak sempat makan, tapi family makan semuanya puji sedap sangat,

Hiasan pelamin.
Yang ni pilihan aku, alhamdulilah, cantik sangat,
rombongan belah lelaki puji..nampak mahal, tapi sebenarnya budget je ni hehe~
credit to : Sri angsana butik 

Meja makan + pelamin
tema hijau kuning.
mak aku habaq, semangat kedah haha~
* sebenarnya banyak stori disebalik pemilihan warna tema ni... pening aku dok pikir, banyak research buat,
last-last pilih warna ni sebab nak serasikan dengan warna dinding dewan yang coklat.
So camne? ok idak?

Meja makan di letak depan pelamin.
Makanan sangat sedap!! tip top. dari sri angsana katering.

budak kompang- my father booked kan,
dak -dak kompang ni memang geng kompang kat rumah aku. Nak booked kene bitau awal ha..

Pose di depan pelamin, ketika majlis merenjis.
Nampak pengapit aku pakai baju tak sama.. selamat ikut tema bunga..

Bergegar dewan time ni masa dak kompang mempalu kompang.
Meriah, oh my god! 

Hiasan meja makan.

Suasana dewan
Nampak tak kenapa aku pilih hijau kuning? hehehe
Nak bagi blend dengan suasana dewan. carpet. 

Hiasan walkway bunga juntai juntai.  

Karaoke memang mak aku nak..
so bile ada, mak aku rasmikan dulu
miahaha ~

Rata-rata memang aku suka menggunakan perkhidmatan Sri Angsana Catering ni. Lengkap semuanya.  Makanan sedap, pelamin, baju, kek, semuanya perfect. Aku tak yah susah susah pikir, tau tau je dah siap semuanya dan diuruskan oleh meraka dengan sempurna..

Aku memang nak simple simple camni tapi meriah.

Dalam majlis ini yang aku booked asing adalah : Make up, photographer , kompang dan doorgift. Yang lain semuanya aku gunakan perkhidmatan Sri angsana Katering. Senang kan?

Dark Forest-Korea horror movie.

Image result for dark forest korea

It's about 5 friends nickname- witch, big brother, loner, twinkle, and flirtie , went for camping and end up, killing each other in a zombie way kind of movie.

* no synopsis in the wiki hmm~ 

My 2 cents :

It's not a ghost movie, even though at the beginning the main character ( witch), is shown as having supernatural power, where she can see future. This movie, is more like a thriller movie, where people just kill people. But the twist is, that killer is zombie ( which it's funny cause i thought they are just been possessed -at first).

The gore and gruesome scenes are not at as i expected. It's boring! The camera keep focusing on the leaves, the running, the sound. Even my baby girl ( 2 years old), do not afraid of it. She just wondering, what is happening, because there is no pop up ghost scene, just camera moving faster. Well, consider this movie is made in 2006, where make up artist and cgi are not that good yet or not widely use yet, so, well.. i don't want to comment on this, too much

This movie only keep me interested in the middle. At firs, it just a cliche teenagers went camping, with each of them have their own personality like boasting, ego, annoying.. mystery. etc They don't believe in spirits,. Well, everything is cliche thriller movie,, until one of them fall, hurt his head, and died ( drowning) - ** seriously at this point, i thought there are ghost killing them.

Image result for dark forest movie korea


it's the forest!  The forest killing them.Apparently, if you shed blood (etc hurt your finger, teeth etc), when your blood fall on the ground, the forest take it and turn you into zombie. Maybe this is why it's call 'DARK FOREST'. get it? hehehe~ 

So, when you become zombie, you start killing others, and at the end everyone died and turn into zombie.

The end.


It's boring. Too much clinche. the zombie, the final ending, the brother killed little brother, the boyfriend killing girlfriend. The father klling his family.

I seriously think that the director try HARD to make audiece feel sad by having lots of emotional killing moment- which i dont think it work at all!

I dont feel anything! 
When the bigbrother killed his brother, i dont feel anything because directer don't provide enough close relationship moment between them during the movie. Along the movie, the big brother is just a jerk , egoistic brother who always scolding his little brother. Well, i get it there have history when they were kids, which led to bigbrother feeling guilt towards his brohter, but man... it don't led me to sympathy at all. because it not that touching.

When the boyfirend killed his girlfriend ( the main character-witch), man i dont feel sad at all! I just feel this gf deserve it, because she so stupid. Why? because at the end, the gf forecast that his bf going to be turned into zombie, and she cannot killed him, so instead she turn her self ( which is SOOOOOO stupid, cause they have successsfully killed all zombies in the forestt). they can just ran away kot..
and guess what?  

at the end, actually there is a girl (zombie) hiding in the abandone car nearby which they ignored it ( at the beggining movie). and that girl zombie killed the boyfriend.  So all died. 

And to make it worst, ending credit, there are 3 fugitive covered in blood, came into the forest to hiding from police, and audience knows what's going to happen to them, soon.

Oh my!!

Image result for dark forest movie korea

Director, you made too much twist plot that apparently it doesn't work at all!

Will i recommended this to watch? Hmm... i will said, this..
" don't waste your time."

But, well, if you want to watch it.
go ahead.

k bye.

Rate : 2/5 

Image result for dark forest movie korea

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

30 days stair challenge- First week

Tuesday :
140 steps 
tak rasa letih pun, kakipun tak lenguh. Rasa fun! 

Food : 
Breakfast : Telur stim 1+ air teh tarik
Lunch (Begedil+sayur+ telur goreng 2)
Dinner : Betik +nasi + ikan sambal 

Wednesday :
120 steps.
belum sampai 120 steps pun dah mula mengah, berbanding semalam yang takde rasa apa-apapun

Breakfast : Nasi lemak+yougart
Lunch : 4 cracker biscuits
Dinner : Nasi+ikan sambal+nugget+kentang+hotdog

* Okey, over sangat makan  malam hari ni, maybe sebab tengah hari tak makan, so malam, terasa lapar sangat. Ishh.. ~

Thursday :
200 steps
mula rasa malas, dan terasa letih.. dan kaki start rasa cam sakit-sakit bile naik tangga, tapi boleh tahan lagi. takde rasa nak give up, still rasa enjoyable and manageable.

Food :
Breakfast : Nasi lemak+ limau suam
* ni 'terpaksa' la kunun makan, sebab husband belanja, takkan nak tolak kan? Sian dia nanti breakfast sorang-sorang,so kite teman lah.. hihihik~
Lunch : nasi beriani+ayam+daging+air manis+kek+buah
Ni melantak tak ingat nye sebab ada farewell party kat ofis, bos belanja kan so .. hehehe
Dinner : Tembikai+keropok rings+chocolate dutch lady
Ni amik sikit-sikit je, buat rasa-rasa

200 steps
tapi, malas, malas, malas, malas... terasa sangat malas, selepas 3 hari naik tangga, tapi gigihkan juga.

Breakfast : Mee goreng+limau suam
Lunch : Potato rebus+sayur buncis masak telur
Dinner : melantak (T.T)

Saturday and Sunday
Skip-sebab balik kampung
Melantak lagi huhu T.T

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Yoga Hokwan ( My 2 cents)

Image result for yoga hokwan wiki

Synopsis (credit to wiki) :  click the link :
Yoga Hakwon synopsis

My opinion.

It 's a slow pace movie. Half of the movie is so dark, i hardly barely see what's  actually happening, so it take away the scare that supposed to scaring me. The only scaring (to my nieces, not me) , are the body molding exercise to the yoga position. That's all!  Nope, it's not scare and it also not gore.

Related image

The man (Dong Hoon) and his research doesn't do anything at all. The character do nothing much in the movie. The death of Min Hee's director not been investigated, the death of Seon hwa also provide no impact, i wondering what these characters and plots supposed to do? If director wants us to know about the past of Mi Hee,  well he can put it under evil yoga instructor's flashback, no need  for these extra characters and extra plots that have  NO FUNCTION, nothing to do with main character. They donot even REALLY help / searching for her,  Wuissh..~

Image result for yoga hakwon scene
The ending is quite confusing ; I see DIFFERENT interpretation of ending from others.  One of it says, the main /lead role trapped forever in the yoga institute  but from my own understanding.Hmm.. i think her soul been taking over by Mi hee. Why?

Because she sees Mi hee pictures all over the walls and see her dead yoga friends walking around.
it's look like she's trapped, her soul is trapped and Min Hi wins. at last.

Related image

Well, it is a cliche Asian movie , evil always win, or if they died, there will be a sequel later. In simple words, the evil always Win.

In summary, as a fan of horror /ghost/supernatural movies:
I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.
Hmm.. not recommended it to others but if you want to watch it, go ahead,

K. bye.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

30 days stair challenge - Introduction

Badan semakin gemuk . Berat tak berubah pun, maintain 59.5 kg.
So, sekarang nak start diet and exercise, Terpaksa wei, anak buah semua kutuk mak cu diorang dah gemuk. Tempoh hari, time majlis hari jadi piya yang ke-2 tahun, dalam gambar, masyallah, gemuk gila aku. Tok laki lagi kurus. adess...
Waktu tu la tersedar,
i cannot be like this forever, got to do something.
So, start this week, i control my food intake, no rice. Just lauk sahaja. and try to get my water intake 3L per day. with no failure! Huh!

Anyway, got this challenge that interested me.
The 30days stair challenge. I think i can do it!

Image result for stair challenge

yes i can! will sharing my progress in the next post.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

My First Flat Lay - Adlina Store

ni first try buat flatlay.. memang amateur lagi sangat! hahah!
Background tak de so pakai je karpet rumah yang ada huhuhu.
Bunga pun amik mana nan hado jer :P
Ada budget nanti kita tambah lah bagi upgrade kan, kan? 
Sekarang ni tengah belajar tips-tips flatlay photography.

Kenapa nak belajar flatlay?
Sebab jeng-jeng

click click and follow okey?
Semua murah jer. Kami tak untung pun tau.
contoh teaser bawah dress kanak-kanak 1-3 tahun

Nanti nak di upload dalam  fb adlina store, banyak  dress nak jual murah-murah je
mai pakat beli 

thanks  muahxx 

Kemeriahan majlis bersanding hari itu. (part akhir)

Ni adalah sebahagian rakan-rakan, ahli keluarga semasa majlis bersanding 14.3.2015. Terima kasih semua!! . #majorthrowback rakan USM ...