Sunday, September 21, 2014

what's cooking today..

Two dishes for today. My favorite cendawan goreng, now i have found the perfect recipe for it.. kompom sedap.. bestnye hehehe the quest has now have reached its end hehehe...
Cendawan goreng.. i always feel that its taste similar to chicken

Also the ayam paprik.. it easy and my first time cook it.. taste okey.. yeay😉hehe

Paprik is d'man favourite.. he always ordered it when eat at kedai.. hehe.. now i can cook it , so no need for spend money outside.. ( angkat bakul sndiri le pulak hikhikhik)

Ok.. thats all.. hope that i can cook next week too..and of course every month, just like what my wishlist for this year.. caiyok!!

Corak untuk si badan pear

Hi, lama dah tak update pasal ootd untuk si badan pear. Yerlahkan, lepas dah ada anak sorang ni, badan dah tak berapa pear dah, jadi straig...