Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teddy bear

I don't remember when the first time I had a teddy bear. I think it was during my fresh year in university. I bought myself a small teddy bear of the size of my both hands. At that time, my purpose was to decorate my bed so it would look a bit feminine. I stayed in a dorm with 2 others roommates so I was influenced with they femininity.

My teddy bear name is Toby. I called him Toby-san. I slept with him by my side, and hold him so dearly. Every time I woke up, he always laid at the bottom of my bed, or my leg. ...:P

Then, when I was bored, I will make him to hip-hop dance. I think it's funny and cute, so do my friends. After that, all my friends started to give their teddy a name and learnt how to dance with their teddy ^^

But again,  i don't remember when I lost him. Maybe in packaging process when it was the end of our year?

One thing I remember, he was my last teddy bear.

This teddy reminds me of him-
I took this photo when I was in  a shopping complex somewhere..
I miss to have a teddy bear on my bed again...

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