Friday, June 21, 2013

Love Being Single : No 1 - My Queen Bed

"After a long tiresome day at works/ shopping with aches all over the body, dizzy, etc . We came home,  takes shower and land on a big soft, comfy queen bed. Roll over, spread your limbs, and the feeling is the best!Ahh.. this big bed belong only to me.. No need to share with anyone!/ husband/wife... and then get into the best sleep ever.. " 

                                                                      - why I love being single-

Me sleeping like this..  freestyle sleeping  ngee ~~ ^^ 

Kemeriahan majlis bersanding hari itu. (part akhir)

Ni adalah sebahagian rakan-rakan, ahli keluarga semasa majlis bersanding 14.3.2015. Terima kasih semua!! . #majorthrowback rakan USM ...