Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love List

When I talk, it came out nonsense, or I don't really remember what I had said. It just words.. with no meaning. The words to express what I felt at that moment. Such as when I feel bored, I said I want to go somewhere far... somewhere happening, somewhere fun. So, there came out lots of places that came accross my mind. Simple-simple things Like.. the park...I want to row boat at Tasik Titiwangsa one day.. or I want to spend time in funfair, and make D'man win me a tin of coke.

Or when I hungry, I want to eat laksa johor or sometimes laksam.  Or when I see something cute, I say it loud THAT's CUTE!!!

It just a simple-simple things, that came across my mind, whenever I see something, or bored..

I'm so clueless, that D'man noticed it and put it under his list to do. He's so cute...

Kemeriahan majlis bersanding hari itu. (part akhir)

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