Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kangin superjunior is in army service!!

 la.. eden baru ler tau upenye Kangin nih masuk army service skunk, jujue ape cer nih... apsal tak btau i.. ha... lame benOr kamoo tak hapdate blog korea kamoo tu yer.. ^^

Kangin shares photos and his thoughts while in service !

- Through Korea’s army magazine, “Army Zine“, Super Junior’s Kangin revealed special photos from his days in service and shared some of the thoughts that have been running through his mind since he last updated fans of his whereabouts.

- Asked to describe his feelings after entering the army, he stated, “I’m reflecting a lot on the fact that I wounded and disappointed my family and all of those who loved me before I enlisted… I go to sleep every night wondering, ‘Will I ever be loved again?”

- He continued, “I’ve lost a lot of weight since then and have regained my health. My thoughts towards our nation has changed a lot as well. I feel that the citizens of our nation are able to be at ease and trust our nation because us soldiers must always work hard and never once lose focus amidst hardships.”

- When asked about what he hoped to learn through his service, he revealed, “I hope to become a person that puts others before me. Someone that isn’t selfish and doesn’t think wrongful thoughts. It’s only been six months since I’ve entered, but if I were to discharge with the determination I have now, I’m sure that I’ll be able to show how much I’ve changed.”

- To conclude, Kangin left a message for his fans by writing,” Our fans! I really miss you all so much. I will be standing before you all as someone who is both healthy and confident inside and out, so that I won’t be embarrassed (of myself) when I greet you. I hope that you will wait for me, and I hope that everything you pursue will come true. Please wait for me until my discharge.”

yer.. yer.. nexx akan menanti.. i luv u superJunioR !! i luv u kangin oppa yeah!!! 

Source: TV Report via Nate
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