Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cheetoh- the clown...

bengal cat


ocicat cat


cheetoh-cute jer time baby

cheetoh-muka terkejut!!

cheetoh- muka comel mintak kene kiss.. mmmuaah...

real life cheetoh- comel cam kucen umah jer yang bese2 tuh.. so moh grab satoo.. hehe
meh tengok kecomelannye

sumber youtube


The Cheetoh cat incorporates the distinctive spotted coat characteristics from both the Ocicat and the Bengal breeds, notably that of harnessing the pronounced spotting from the Bengal breed and the taller longer legged stature from the Ocicat breed. The goal of the Cheetoh breeding program was to create a very intelligent cat that is considerably larger with an extraordinary wild look without adding more wild blood. Its main distinguishing characteristics, apart from its spots and sleek, plush, velvety coat, is its low shouldered "wildcat" walk. Males grow to around 15-22 lbs. Females are slightly smaller and seldom reach more than 15 lbs. When it walks, it looks as if it is on the hunt, or the prowl, giving it a very stalky-like gait.



They are currently bred in six color varieties: the Black/Brown Spotted Sienna, the Black/Brown Spotted Gold, the Black Spotted Smoke, the Black Spotted Silver, and the Lynx Pointed Gold Spotted.

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