Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mee goreng mamak

It's so strange when we had to pay for something that we can make at house for free. When I went to mamak stall/ restaurant, I don't know why I like to order their mee goreng mamak. It's simple and easy food made and the price is in range of RM3-RM4. ( I bet, the price will increase years later).

I remember my favorite mamak stall nearby my house. It was behind a Petronas station.  My father used to brought me there during school holiday. At that time, I was in my first year high school at Negeri Sembilan  and stayed in dormitory. Once awhile, when it was school holiday, and when I came home, my father would take me there. Just the two of us (  I was my father's favorite daughter :)).

It was my first time tasted a mee goreng mamak. I remember my father asked me if it was delicious and I keep saying yes, nodding happily . He watched me finished one whole big plate, with smile on his face. I think he was happy and sastified to see his daughter eat - I was very thin at that time. The stall is no longer exist.

Today, I made myself mee goreng mamak. Personally , I think it was good.

My mee goreng mamak with my memory

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