Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fishtail dress

I have dress that kinda look big when i wore it. I bought it online and feel so sad to just keep it away. I also cannot alter it coz it look really nice as it is.. It is a fishtail dress. Yerp, i know as short person + pear shaped this clothes will look  awful for me. Never thought about it when i bought it last year huuhuhu...

This how it looks when i wore it- like pajamas!!

So after learnt lots of tips from puttingmetogether website, i'm confidently to present how i dress up it and make it wearable and looking style for me.

Yer, the big belt works as focal point ; although i suggest for pear shaped people to wear thin belt. And the skirts works well to cover up the pear shaped figure and  the big clothes. It is now looks like a nice dress that can be wear when your went dating- which i did hihihi..

Fishtail dress : Online ( RM not remember)
Skirt : Online ( RM 27)
Bag : Sogo ( RM 80 +)
Shawl : Jalan TAR ( RM not remember)- i have it since 2012.

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