Sunday, April 27, 2014

Horses in the park.

Went for jogging this weekend-Saturday and Sunday. Done my running for 1 and half circle and walking 1hr. Not bad for people like me who just start to exercise after quite a long 'hibernation' hehehe... Anyway, the park had changed a lot, new rail, new pathway ( i seriously got lost in one of the new pathway..huhuhu). On Saturday there more people than on Saturday although on Saturday, there is a wet market near the stadium. Also i found out there are lots of activities recently in the park.. i think the park has become quite famous around the neighborhood after all the upgrading and renovation. Like today, there is fishing tournament held in the park, so seriously it's a bit crowded. (that did not success to demotivate me huh!)

One of the things that fascinated me is sometimes around 9-10 am, there will be  a few policemen doing their rounds in the park while riding horses. Cool right? There are call 'police berkuda' (mounted police?). Usually there are 3 horses,  a black and two brown, i wonder what their names are.. Those horses are too cool and looking smart and tough.. hehe.. When they happened to be in the parks, most of joggers with kids will approach them and took some pictures. The policemen are all friendly..

I am fascinated with them, but at the same time not brave enough to come near.. Well i have a 'thing' with policeman- they frightened me , i don't know why but i just don't feel comfortable around policeman . The way the look& dress  always make me feel like a suspect, no, i am not a criminal or did any wrongdoings, it just that 'feel' urghh.. I always keep myself away from any policeman no matter how nice they are.

So, i end up admiring those horses from far... but maybe that will changes, who knows..

Singing horses game which was famous years before, bring back memories
. lalalala... hohhohoh... 

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