Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm a Makcik now!

Tired,tired, tired.. Today is the most tired day ever! Oh ya, my sis gave birth to baby boy today. So I'm a makcik now... wow, suddenly feel so old. Anyway, one whole day i was at Selayang hospital, accompanied my sister.. The traffic was so packed that i thought my legs going to tired although I have lots of ideas for novel berikan kujawapan, but don't have enough energy to write it. The dateline is so near! But this week i will be so busy... going back and forth to my sis's house at Selayang... it will be really-really hectic.

Well, nevermind... My nephew is so comel.. hidung mancung, look alike his father, name right now we call him Malek.. mimihihihi..I got lots of his pictures but my brother in law prevent me to expose it in fb, internet or anything until he is older enough.. ( I don;t know, maybe because he don't want 'bad eye' / critics/ bad words/jealousy from people outside the family.. you know how internet nowadays? (all the word lashes around, jealousy etc) , so we just keep the happiness in the family like golden days.. remember when we just keep the pics in the photo book(album)? Yeap, that's what we are doing..

A selca right before went to hospital ( the night before the birth^^)

Me and my mum
My sis got private room.. all facilities in the room, big and comfy..we can wait there 24hrs,

Mum and sis
before all the contraction haha... all smile and happy

Of course our 'joong kok' came along ^^ 

Me- bought myself a wide shawl..but don;t know how to style it..
it so long, so wide..
my sis commented it was so messy- gotta to find tutorial on how to wear this kind of shawl properly
Again a blue OOTD..


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