Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Being Single: No 4 - Money is Mine Only

Yeah i know as woman when you get married, your husband shall provide everything including money, but in this modern age with so many high cost, most married couple share their income to provide the family. So if you got a man that can give you & your kids everything without single touching your income, lady you are LUCKY!

Being single give you that FREEDOM. your money is yours only and you can do ANYTHING with it whether you going to save it, give it to your parents, donate it or enjoy it for yourself. Well be it anything, it's your choice babe and that's what being single love to be! heheh ^^

Kemeriahan majlis bersanding hari itu. (part akhir)

Ni adalah sebahagian rakan-rakan, ahli keluarga semasa majlis bersanding 14.3.2015. Terima kasih semua!! . #majorthrowback rakan USM ...